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Delivery Options, Costs, and Times

Orders will be placed for Express Delivery.

All delivery costs are at the Client's expense, except for those products where "Free Delivery" is available.

Delivery costs vary according to the weight and volume of the goods, as well as destination address, and possibility of dispatching items together. They always include packaging costs. The total delivery charge for the order will be displayed on the invoice.

We deliver goods everywhere in Europe, except Switzerland, Norway, Cyprus, Malta, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, Andorra, Gibraltar, Channel Islands, Isle of Mann, and PTOM (French Overseas Departments and Territories).

For shipments abroad, in case the shipping company indicates the customer’s provided address as “remote delivering area”, the supplier will reserve the right to charge the customer of an extra fee of £ 20,00 to the shipment total amount. The customer can accept the payment of extra fee or break the contract anyway.

Delivery to France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, and United Kingdom takes 4-5 days from the dispatching of the goods. Delivery to every other country in Europe takes 5-8 working days. The above mentioned delivery times are only an estimate. Goods will be always delivered within 30 days from the receiving of the order/payment.

www.autoparts-rdc will not be liable for any late delivery or failure to delivery which may occur in case of force majeure or acts of God.

Express Delivery delivers your order from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. The Client or an authorized person should be present at the destination address to sign for the package.

Should the Client not be present, a second attempt to deliver the shipment will be made within the next 24-48 hours. In case nobody will be present to sign for the package, the Client will be contacted to arrange another time for the delivery of the order. The Client agrees to pay the shipper any costs they incur in forwarding, disposing of or returning the shipment and their charges (if any) for making a third or more delivery attempt, and for the agreed appropriate next action, including the temporary stocking of the goods.

When goods are delivered, the Client shall check:
- that the number of the packages which are being delivered is the same as displayed on the transport document;
- that the package and its sealing materials (adhesive tape, steel strip) are not torn, damaged, or wet.

In case of the package and/or the product is damaged, or the number of packages as displayed on the transport document is different than the number of packages delivered, damages or difference in numbers shall be immediately notified to the Supplier by writing "TO BE INSPECTED" on the Proof of Delivery. The Client's right to claim damages against the Supplier will be extinguished if the Client signs the Proof of Delivery.

The Client must verify if the shipment was in good condition within 5 days after delivery, regardless of the condition of the package and its sealing materials. The Client may by written notice (by email or fax) to the Supplier notify if any of the goods is damaged or fail to meet requirements specified herein. If we do not receive your notice within 5 days after delivery, your notice will be rejected.

If the shipper is unable to complete the delivery of a shipment for whatever cause for which neither the Supplier, nor the shipper can be held responsible, your order will be deleted. The Client will be refunded for the total cost of purchase.

In accordance with current regulation the goods travel at the supplier’s risk. The customer will be made responsible of the loss and damage of items only after s/he comes into possession of it/them effectively.